Question How long do the fridge fill meals keep for?
AnswerThe cold fridge meals in the box will last for up to 3 days, whilst meals that can be heated up will last for up to 5 days in the fridge. You may also freeze hot meals and soups at your discretion.
Question Is there an order deadline?
AnswerYes, to place an order for any of our fridge fill meals, this must be done one working day in advance with a cut off point of 17:00. You are able to place an order online or this can be done via phone or email.
Question Can the fridge fill meals be frozen?
AnswerAll of the hot meals in the fridge fill meals section can be frozen but we would recommend consuming these 2-3 months of freezing. Our salads are not suitable for freezing.
Question Can I swap any of the fridge fill meals on the menu?
AnswerOnce the meals have been chosen you, can still change these up to 1 day before delivery ending at 17:00. This can be done online through your account, but if you have any troubles, feel free to to contact us via email or phone.
Question How often does the fridge fill meals menu change?
AnswerThe dishes shown online would be the current dishes available to choose from our boxes, however we look to update these seasonally. We also love to hear your feedback, and would love to know if there are any favourite dishes of ours that you would like to see on the menu as we are open to suggestions!
Question Are all of the fridge fill meals gluten-free?
AnswerAll our food is gluten-free except the pasta bolognese.
Question Can I order a fridge fill for 2 or more people?
AnswerYou can order as many fridge fill boxes as you like for the same day! However, each order will include portions for one individual. Therefore, you will have to put in a new order for each person.
Question Can I order multiple boxes/orders for the same day?
AnswerYes you are able to order two boxes or more for the same day, however, to do this you would need to place these as separate orders. With our ordering systems, each order would have to be placed individually, but one it has been placed it should cause no trouble when going in to book another order.
Question Can I pause my subscription?
AnswerYou are currently not able to pause your subscription or skip a week directly, however, if you would like to stop subscription, you would be able to cancel online through your account. This will allow you to book in again in future when you would like to restart deliveries.
Question Can I cancel my subscription?
AnswerYes as long as you cancel the subscription 2 days before you are meant to receive your delivery.
Question I want to change the details for my subscription payment method, is this possible?
AnswerYes you are able to update the details of the card. This would require you to cancel your current subscription so that you can book for a new plan with those details.